Simulation of Suspension system by Solidworks

Simulation of suspension system
When it is forced by 5500N at the connecting point with shock-absorber, the maximum deformation is 4mm.

When it is forced by 5920N, the maximum deformation is 5mm.

Suspension system figure changed

New Figure

I type

The shock - absorbers are attached to the hanger roof plate. This is designed to fix stronger to the main body (skip dolly plate). 

The brackets connect between shock-absorber and plate.


< Side plate >
A type
A type of side plate

I designed side plane to fix shock-absorber to the cabinfor The length of shock-absorber is estimated 400mm - 500mm. This design is considered when the length is 500mm. I add bracket to fix shock-absorber to this plate.

B type

I designed new type for plate. A type was designed to avoid crash into rail. But the design was changed to B cause the length of suspension is short enough to avoid it. 
This suspension system is attached to the moving frame (yellow). This design is consided to avoid unnecessary manufacture process and to make easier and affordable.